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In order for every employee to thrive, we must foster an environment of impartiality, fairness, representation, and balance. We're committed to listening to your people, employees, and customers and to doing our part to drive meaningful change inside your company. We all succeed when we bring our best selves to work, embrace civility, and treat each other with respect.

"What's In It For WE?" Program Overview

WIIFW is a comprehensive and engaging curriculum designed to bring awareness to the varying degrees of idiosyncrasies that make up the human experience within teams and organizations. The program has two entities - the first being a specialized panel of experts who offer specific solutions in their respective fields. The other occurs over a series of months through our curriculum, building from one lesson to the next. At its core, the WIIFW ideology slows the process of the "silent stifle" that is experienced among team members who often feel unheard, unappreciated, and unseen. We believe that an inclusive organization is a stable [and profitable] one.

Ideal Audiences:

Deployment Options:

Our Team of Experts:

  • HR Professionals

  • Executive teams

  • Support staff

  • Front line workers

  • Sales & Marketing teams

  • Leadership teams

  • Labor force

  • New hires

  • Half day curriculum

  • Full day curriculum

  • Virtual

  • Hybrid

  • In-person at the company

  • Guest panel at existing events (conferences, retreats...etc.)

  • Clinical Psychologists

  • LGBTQ+ Professionals

  • Human Resources Professionals

  • Developmental Disabilities Professionals

  • Ageism Professionals

  • Digital Equity Professionals

  • Women's Equality Professionals

  • Personal Development Specialists

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