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Emily Washcovick
Yelp, Inc.
Erika is a force to be reckoned with. From her skills in public speaking and storytelling, to her ability to build communities, Erika is capable of working with people from all backgrounds and making magic happen with whatever resources are available. We've collaborated for over 5 years now and regardless of the timeline or target audience, Erika can get things done and connect with an audience effortlessly. Her approachable personality makes people gravitate towards her, and her commanding presence allows you to get things done. 
Janice Trelewicz
Sam's Club

Morgan James, NY

Erika joined us for my Women in leadership meeting and I literally cannot say enough about her! She was excellent to work with as we made all arrangements. We had a discussion on what I was looking for and she heard every word! She is very timely in her responses. The day of the event she blew us away. She was honest, relatable, inspiring, motivating, and so sincere about wanting to help Women. To have us see that we can do this and we are enough!
There were so many that cried, laughed and were in awe of her. She had a line of women wanting to meet her after the event. Erika is truly priceless and I cannot wait to utilize her services again!

Lisa Driver, MI

Ilana S.

Hands down, Erika has been one of the best speakers to come and present to my EA team at Worldwide Amazon Fresh. I worked with her on the specific content that I wanted delivered and Erika hit the nail on the head! 
She was engaging, upbeat, relatable and empathetic in talking about her own journey and in showing useful techniques for the EA community on how to deal with ambiguity or self doubt and how to successfully plan on achieving a particular set of goals in mind. I received so much positive feedback after her session!
I would not think twice on having Erika come back to speak to my team or any other team at Amazon. She is AMAZING!

5 stars_edited.png

Ernest Wilson

Wilson Consulting & Assoc.

Erika is the quintessential professional and an absolute joy to work with.  Her attention to detail and consideration for the manner she delivers information is a true blessing.  Many times she is addressing a population that needs edification and understanding, often broken with a feeling of no resolve.  To treat these individuals as "clay in the hands of the potter" and build them to a space they never thought they would occupy is true grace.

5 stars_edited.png

Brian Monroe

A Better Community

I needed help with team building with my employees and I reached out to Erika. My staff was having problems with one another which lead to low morale and combative behaviors. Erika provided a session which not only lead my staff to unite but also lead them to respect their fellow colleagues. I highly recommend Erika Gilchrist.

5 stars_edited.png

Ana Salgado

Sauk Valley Community College

It was a pleasure to work with Erika Gilchrist. She was very helpful while planning our event and making everyone feel welcome as well as getting attendees to feel comfortable participating and sharing their thoughts and questions during the program.

Everything made an impact! From her personal story, energy as a presenter, to the activities and discussion, everything was inspiring. Her presentation is definitely something everyone needs to hear since it’s very thought provoking on the need to continually evaluate one's perspective in order to move to action and reach goals. Attendees leave her program with the desire to apply what they learn.

Attendees had only good things to say about what they learned in this program. Can't wait to have her back at Sauk Valley Community College!

5 stars_edited.png

Megan Z.

Hy Cite

Erika was phenomenal. She provided prompt responses, arrived at the event when stated, and made us all cry and laugh during her presentation. The feedback given by the group was only positive, and we'd absolutely bring her back!

5 stars_edited.png

LaTricia Frederick, MBA


Erika Gilchrist is an amazing speaker and inspirational leader. As a speaker/trainer with Monster, Inc., Erika motivated colleagiate recruits for Cisco Systems in an exceptional manner. She is professional, engaging, and always showcases the highest business integrity when working with her corporate clients.

5 stars_edited.png

Michelle Hull

Quest Diagnostics

Erika is an amazing presenter and seminar leader, any organization would be lucky to have her. I had the luxury of attending one of her training seminars and I cannot say enough about how positive the experience was. She captivated her audience from the moment she walked in the door, until the conclusion of the course. I highly recommend hiring Erika to speak for your organization or participating in one of her training seminars!

5 stars_edited.png

Keya A.

Mother Goose Children's Academy

Erika was great! Her activities were engaging and my staff responded well to her. I would love to have her come out again!

5 stars_edited.png

Kenya Rutland

KJR Consulting

Erika Gilchrist is the ultimate professional - she's dynamic, effective, and a motivating speaker/presenter. Erika is a joy to work and interact with, especially for strategizing and project/training design. As an "ORGANIZER" and "ACTIVATOR", she bring energy, clariity, and producitivy to any environment she is placed in.

On a joint project for, Erika was instrumental in bringing life and creativity to content that the consulting team desired to do more with. She took the intitiaive, created her "OWN THING" (within the correct and appropriate framework), and made the impact on the client that Monster and the consulting team desired. I always look for this in others and applaud innovation - she has and delivers it!

If you are looking for a speaker, presenter, and effective motivational discussion, choose ERIKA GILCHRIST! You will not go wrong!

5 stars_edited.png

Shirley Burnett

Erie Community College

Erika brings an unparalleled level of engagement and connection to our college community. Her ability to instantly connect with both students and staff creates an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Delivering content with exceptional clarity and relevance, she makes complex concepts not only understandable but also memorable. The lasting impact of her talk continues to inspire meaningful discussions and a shared commitment to excellence among our college community. I've hired her more than 5 times and I'm amazed at how she can continue to elevate our students!

5 stars_edited.png

Dion C. Jordan

State of Oregon, DHS

Erika is a true professional that could relate to a wide array of audiences and communicate her powerful messages on success, leadership and empowerment. She is dynamic, informative and impactful and I would highly recommend her as a speaker, workshop facilitator and consultant.

5 stars_edited.png

Rich Eisenhuth

Guiding You Through the Home Financing Labyrinth

Erika spoke at the Schaumburg Business Association's Coffee and Contacts event. Erika was amazing! She delivered her presentation with knowledge, humor and enthusiasm. She had members lined up to meet her after the event and many other members commented favorably to me after the event. As a organizer, it was so nice to receive great feedback on the speaker. I highly recommend Erika for your next event.

5 stars_edited.png

Michael Dorsey

MD Dept of Human Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Erika on several occasions. She is full of energy and knows how to electrify her audience regardless of the situation. Everything I have done with her has been the epitome of professionalism and positivity. If you are considering working with Erika, my question to you is can you afford NOT TO?

5 stars_edited.png

Zernul Shackelford, Jr

Darque Syde of D'Lyte Productions

Erika Gilchrist was an absolute phenom at our fund-raising event!

For years, we have had the typical, standard speakers delivering the necessary presentations as business as usual. But Erika injected much needed new life into the equation! Her fun, yet extremely professional engagement, kept our audience on their toes and wanting more.

From our very first conversation, Erika became involved and took a personal ownership in what we do. No other speaker has ever done that in the past.

We exceeded our fundraising goal and I attribute that to Erika's ability to connect with our donors in ways no other speaker has done in the past. We will be calling on her again as our fundraising efforts never stop.

5 stars_edited.png

Deborah Johnson

Goal Minded, LLC

I had the honor of being on a speaker’s tour with Erika. When I say she rocks the house, it still doesn’t come close to her amazing impact on her audience. She is relatable, charismatic and commands the stage. Her stories pull you in and her energy is infectious! If you are looking for a speaker who is a life changer, look no further. 

5 stars_edited.png

Cynthia Fitch

S.C. Fitch Enterprises, LLC

Erika Gilchrist is one of the most energizing, dynamic speakers I have ever heard.  She can take the most boring or sensitive subject matter and make it understandable, relatable and empowering!   She really cares about getting the information to her audience and/or clients in a way that they can use it to take action to improve their lives.   She is very prompt, responsive, dependable and a pleasure to work with.  I HIGHLY recommend Erika for any speaking engagement or coaching.   
To put it simply...SHE IS THAT GOOD!!!!!!

5 stars_edited.png

James Amps

AMPS Entrepreneurship & Leadership Institute

Erika is one of the most dynamic speakers and business consultants in the industry. She has never been afraid to reinvent herself to keep up with what is new. Her greatest strength is the research she does before she works with a client. I’ve seen her growth and I remain proud of Erika and her ability to transform organizations from mediocre to great. Absolutely one of the best in world!!

5 stars_edited.png

Ro Renee


To hear Erika's story is inspiring, to see her working in her element convinces me that she was born for this. Erika Gilchrist exudes grace and presence, while having the uncanny ability to genuinely and seamlessly relate to her audience.  As a Speaker and Thought Leader, I have seen her present content with poise, wittiness, and humor as well as tackle sensitive topics with empathy, intelligence, and insight.  I felt nothing short of pure awe when I've witnessed Erika transform groups of individuals from initially prepared to open their minds, to gradually and organically invest their hearts.  Erika has a fierce, real committment to empowering women and guiding us to bravely unpack the very best versions of ourselves...she is a force of Nature! 

5 stars_edited.png

Min. Lynda Holiday


I've been inspired by Erika Gilchrist in ways that are beyond my imagination.  Observing her handle a room of complete strangers and making us all feel like we've been her friends for a lifetime ... even while tooling us with ideas and reformative ways of thinking to help us grow and become designers in our own individual destinies.  She is more than just a force of nature!

Phoebe Yates

ELS Forum

Erika is fantastic to work with! She delivered her award-winning presentation, "Conflict Management Skills for Women," at a forum with 75-80 attendees. She was the only speaker at the event who received a standing ovation. Erika is admirable and inspiring, and her passion and dedication are apparent in her delivery. She is engaging, dynamic, and humorous. I loved working with her so much that I've booked her for another 3 events!

Jeff H.


Erika was awesome and easy to work with. She did an incredible job coming up with an overall theme for our first level supervisors; and delivering a wonderful speech as our keynote speaker. She was able to convey the message that what they do is important and how to ensure a work/life balance in their job. Her presentation was able to build upon their skills as leaders in their purpose and inspire them as they continue on their leadership journey. 

Lisa Driver, MI

Amy Sloan

Warner Bros. Discovery

I had the opportunity to see Erika speak at an Executive Leadership Support conference in New York. It was an immensely inspirational session that provided real world examples of ways to build your confidence and deal with conflict in professional & personal settings, as well as other skills helpful for thriving instead of only surviving. I left that session with a renewed sense of purpose, and I was able to immediately implement strategies shared by Erika. 
It's been a few years since then and I still think back to pieces of wisdom she shared to apply to my everyday work and personal life. 
LisaBeth Thomas
Texas Women in Business
Erika’s power-packed motivational speech helped make our Beyond 50 Conference for Women a huge success. As she shared her “Five Things Unstoppable Women Do,” the crowd was engaged and enthusiastic, and afterward they gave her highest marks for being an exceptional speaker. As one participant said, “Erika rocked the room with her energy and insight!”
Dr. Jason Streeter
The Colin Powell Middle School

Erika Gilchrist was the keynote speaker for The Colin Powell Middle School 2022 Commencement Ceremony, and folks are still talking about it. Her energy and enthusiasm were so palpable that it felt tangible. Erika captured and held captive, the entire audience, with her heartfelt personal testimonies and triumphs, while simultaneously, empowering and engaging the students and parents, to strive for greatness, no matter what. 

Anyone in need of a speaker, professional development facilitator, motivator, or life coach - if you haven't reached out to this dynamic Wonder Woman, you are doing yourself and your respective stakeholders a major disservice. 


Erika Gilchrist, will always be on speed dial, for as long as I am in leadership!

Kelly H
Indianapolis School District
Erika was great and super easy to work with. She did an incredible job speaking to our teachers to kick off the new school year! She was able to connect to their work, ground them in their purpose and inspire them as they think about the year ahead!
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