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Dialogue Dynamics: Mastering Professional Exchanges

When you don't know what to say, we've got you!

Explore the art of skillful articulation! This engaging session provides a supportive environment where you'll learn crucial skills designed to enhance successful exchanges through clear dialogue and vivid storytelling. We don't just offer vague theories, we offer the exact language that opens the door to impactful messaging. Enhance your professional relationships and boost workplace efficiency by mastering these efficient interaction strategies.

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Professional Development…It’s Personal™

The ultimate Syngery Solution!

This is a compelling keynote that emphasizes how intertwining personal growth with professional development cultivates empathetic, resilient, and authentic leaders. Backed by research and real-world examples, it makes a compelling case for nurturing holistic leadership skills in the modern workplace.

Erika Gilchrist Keynote Speaker

Mission NOT Impossible

Conflict management for varying personalities

This topic shows how to manage conflict with challenging personalities to reach a respectful understanding of the positions of all parties involved. We provide tangible solutions that can be implemented right away to begin the process of de-escalation.

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Burning Bright, Not Out

Combatting Professional Exhaustion

Crush burnout like a pro! Learn stress-busting secrets, work-life wizardry, and ninja-level resilience for a career that's both awesome and meaningful. This topic goes far beyond your "why" and deeply dives into ways to declutter the stress that's unique to YOU.

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Team Cohesiveness

Team building that works!

Together, we will strengthen the bonds between your team members to achieve cohesiveness so you may move towards the same goal as a unit. WARNING! This training may cause team members to like each other :-)

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Secrets to Being an Unstoppable Woman

Roll up your sleeves, make no excuses, and get what you want!

This topic shares her transformational journey from homelessness, abuse, and suicide attempts to how she became the owner of the largest expo for women in business in Chicagoland. Chocked full of new insights, practical advice, and catalyzing ideas, Erika shows you how to strengthen your spirit, harness the power of change, and firmly plant your feet on the path to emotional well-being.

Erika Gilchrist Keynote Speaker

   Leadership Isn't a Title,
        It's an Action!

Becoming a LeadComm™ Catalyst

This topic is ideal for emerging leaders to start them off with a strong foundation so they can lead through their strengths and their authenticity. This topic is universal, but is very popular in the college & university community.

Erika Gilchrist Keynote Speaker

Domestic Violence Prevention & Escape

No more | We've had enough

Erika dives deeply into the murky waters of partner violence and sheds light into the dark spaces of abuse. This topic outlines in great detail exactly what abuse looks like, how to prevent it, and how to escape it unharmed. In business, Erika shows companies how partner violence negatively impacts the bottom line and offers tangible solutions to protect the company and its staff.

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Resilience in Entrepreneurship

Success strategies for business owners

The resilience of the entrepreneur is truly the 8th wonder of the world. Erika will show you how to decipher if entrepreneurship is right for you, getting started in the process, how to expand, and how to overcome mental and emotional roadblocks in the process. It also covers how to turn your idea into a sellable product. You'll get marketing strategies (including media), funding resources, and where to find free stuff to help your business grow.

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Personal Development Intensive

An extraordinary wellness revolution

In this deeply transformative workshop, we delve into the profound impact of personal development in our lives. Leading authentically, having deep connections with others, and bravely presenting who you are to the world centers on your ability to go toe-to-toe with the person you are so you can transform into the being you wish to be. Neglecting personal growth can hinder our mental and emotional well-being, leading to unfulfilled potential and missed opportunities. Get ready for tears, laughter, ah-ha moments, and self reflection in these heartfelt strategies that nurture your mental and emotional health.

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Suicide Intervention

Understanding the silent struggle. It doesn't have to happen

People die by their own hand to solve perceived problems. If we can help them solve those problems, they don't need to die. This is a crucial conversation that tugs at the heartstrings of our society. Delve into compassionate strategies, ignite hope, and save lives. Together, we'll mend the fabric of our community, forging connections and fostering resilience, ensuring that no one suffers in silence. It's time to stand united against despair and be the beacon of light for those in their darkest moments.


Staff Appreciation

Show them how much you appreciate them

They've earned it, so let's go all in for them! This is a heartfelt presentation to celebrate and recognize your dedicated staff members. Through inspiring stories and gratitude, we'll showcase the invaluable contributions that make your team truly exceptional.



Need more in-depth solutions? We now offer comprehensive content delivery over a series of presentations. These highly-customized offerings can be delivered in person or virtually. Some of the many advantages of having a curriculum based system are:

  • Cost Savings: You no longer have to get approval for each individual training. Instead, take advantage of a single contract offer with significant savings.

  • Measurable Results: Data-driven results, performance monitoring, identifying areas of improvement, and accountability are crucial to improving morale, performance, and the bottom line.

  • Goal Setting & Alignment: Quantifiable metrics provide a basis for defining objectives and ensuring that everyone involved understands what success looks like.

  • Relationship Building & Trust: Rather than your team getting to know a new presenter each time, they will establish a comfortable rapport with one presenter, allowing more vulnerability and engagement.

We can also customize topics to suit your needs. Other areas of content can include:

  • Content development

  • Diplomatic communication

  • Public speaking training

  • Confidence building

Contact us today to create a customized presentation!

Value-driven content doesn't have to be boring.
It's still possible to book Erika Gilchrist as
the keynote speaker for your event!

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