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1) How many vendors do you usually have at the expo? Our expos host between 30-55 vendors.

2) What are the demographics of the people who attend?

     Gender: 96% female, 4% male

     Age: 46% are 35-50, 32% are 25-34, 16% are 51+, 6% are 24 and under

     Occupations: 58% Entrepreneurs, 27% Professionals, 6% Homemakers, 9% Other workforce

     Ethnicity: 56% African-American/Black, 31% Caucasian, 9% Hispanic, 1% Asian, 3% Other

     Income: 52% 75k-124k, 30% 50k-75k, 11% 125k+, 6% 25k-50k, 1% 25k & under

3) How many people attend the expo? Our expo has between 500-700 attendees (This will vary due to COVID capacity restrictions).

4) How much does it cost to be a vendor? The investment is $300.

5) Can I bring another person to help me? Yes, they can use one of your general admission tickets.

6) Can I share the cost of my table with another business? Yes, but you must also share the complimentary tickets between the two of you, and you must decide which ONE business will be featured on the website.

7) What does the vendor fee include? One 6ft. table, two chairs, website listing [not hyperlinked], and five complimentary general admission tickets. WE  CAN PROVIDE BLACK  TABLECLOTHS FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE. (Vendors who were postponed due to COVID-19 were upgraded to a hyperlinked feature as a courtesy)

8) Do you allow multiple reps from the same company? No, once a company has secured a space, they will be the exclusive seller for that company.

9) How many tables of the same industry are allowed? We limit the number of similar industries to 3.

10) How do I sign up? You can CLICK HERE.

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